Terms and Conditions


Subscription to the Coorpacademy Team offer for SMEs.


In the present General Conditions of Sale of the Coorpacademy Team offer marketed by the company Coorpacademy France (hereafter referred to as: « Coorpacademy »), the following terms have the following meaning

Client: any legal person with whom Coorpacademy has concluded a legal relationship concerning the provision of Services.

Coorpacademy: Coorpacademy France, simplified joint stock company, SIREN 803 608 389

Parties/Parties: the Client and/or Coorpacademy.

Coorpacademy Team: name of the offer proposed by Coorpacademy including: a platform with a training catalogue accessible via a licence
a Coorpacademy Team management space accessible via an administrator account
Administrator space: online management environment of the Coorpacademy Team offer to which the client can access via an administrator account. The administrator management space allows the administration of the client platform (adding users, selecting the course themes put forward, communication to users, etc.)

Platform: Coorpacademy Team e-learning environment to which the user and the client have access via a licence.

Service: any service provided by Coorpacademy, such as the provision of online access to the platform, aimed at making educational material available online as well as the management of this material via the administrator management space.

Learner: a person employed by the Client’s company or otherwise engaged by the Client, who holds a personal licence to use the Coorpacademy Team e-learning environment.

Licence: a unique account for each user, used to access the service.


Administrator Account: unique account for each administrator, used to access the administrator management area.

Terms of Service

  • Access to the Coorpacademy Team service is reserved for authorised users with a licence.
  • The Client is required to create a personal licence for each User.
  • The sharing of connection licences is not permitted.
  • In case of discovery of misuse of the connection licences and/or significant or frequent violations of the provisions of this article, Coorpacademy reserves the right to suspend or cancel the subscription. In this case, the client is not entitled to any compensation.
  • Coorpacademy will at all times endeavour to provide the Coorpacademy Team service in an optimal manner. If, at any time, the provision of services is nevertheless interrupted, this does not entitle the client to a (partial) refund or discount. Nor will it entitle the client to compensation and/or suspension of payment obligations to Coorpacademy.
  • Coorpacademy reserves the right to modify the content of its service, or parts thereof, in order to improve the quality of the Service. In this case, the Client has no right to a refund or discount.
  • Coorpacademy reserves the right to stop the service of its Team de Coorpacademy offer subject to informing the client by e-mail within 2 months before the service is stopped. In this case, the client will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis for the subscription.
  • The subscription gives access to the administrator management space for the administrator account, as well as access to the learning platform including the Coorpacademy Team course catalogue for each licence.

Obligations of the Client

  • The client is responsible for the information he/she has provided to Coorpacademy, for the use of the service and for protecting access to this confidential information. The client undertakes to use the service within the limits of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • The Customer undertakes that all information provided to Coorpacademy is correct and complete in all respects.
  • The Client is not permitted to rent, sell, make available in any way or market the information and Service provided by Coorpacademy (in part or in full) to third parties other than users without the prior written consent of Coorpacademy.
  • The obligation to pay fees by the Client remains, regardless of the frequency of use of the Coorpacademy Team service by the Client and its Users.

Terms of engagement

  • The trial period starts on the day the client creates an account.
  • The trial period allows the client to access all the services of the Coorpacademy Team offer free of charge for a period of up to 15 days.
  • The trial period ends 15 days after the date of creation of the account or as soon as the client submits his application.
  • The trial period ends 15 days after the account creation date or as soon as the subscription to the Coorpacademy Team offer is taken out.
  • Subscription with annual payment: the subscription to Coorpacademy Team takes effect from the date of activation of the service for the initial and firm duration of one (1) year. At the end of this initial period, the subscription is renewed by tacit agreement for the same period.
  • Termination of annual payment subscriptions: either party may unilaterally cancel the renewal of the subscription before the end date of the commitment. The client can cancel his subscription from the administrator management space or by sending a written request to the address [email protected]. The total amount paid for the subscription remains due to Coorpacademy.

Invoicing and payment conditions

  • The amount of the service fee is payable upon activation of the subscription. The payment of the service can be made by direct debit, bank card or bank transfer.
  • Invoices are sent by e-mail and the amounts invoiced include the applicable VAT.
  • If payment is made by bank transfer, invoices must be paid within 7 days of their issue date.
  • If payment is made by bank card or SEPA direct debit; the bank details provided by the client will be recorded by Coorpacademy in order to make the automatic payment associated with the subscription. Payment is due immediately on issue of the invoice. The client authorises Coorpacademy to debit their account via the payment method associated with their account. In the event that the payment method is declined or is no longer available to Coorpacademy for the payment of subscription fees, the client is liable for any amount not debited. If payment fails due to card expiry, insufficient balance or any other reason, and the subscription is not terminated, Coorpacademy reserves the right to suspend access to the service until the outstanding fees are paid.
  • In the event that the client does not fulfil their payment obligations on the due date, Coorpacademy reserves the right to suspend access to the service within 8 days of the due date of the invoice and without prior notice. If the client fails to fulfil its payment obligation after one or more payment reminders, the client will be declared in default and will be liable to pay the applicable legal interest on the unpaid amount and will also be liable to pay the extrajudicial collection costs.

Amount of the subscription

  • The amount of the service is indicated on the website www.coorpteam.coorpacademy.com, in euros, excluding taxes. The rates indicated on the site are those in force on the date the subscription begins.
  • The amount of the subscription varies according to the number of licences.
  • The Customer may add licences during the subscription period. An invoice calculated on a pro rata basis will then be automatically produced according to the number of days remaining before the subscription renewal date.
  • Coorpacademy may modify the amount of the remuneration for the service provided that it informs the Client by e-mail at least fifteen (15) days before this tariff modification comes into force. The new remuneration of the service only applies to the renewal of the service: the subscription year following the notification to the client for annual payment packages. The customer is free to object to the change in tariff by sending a cancellation request to [email protected] or via his administrator management space. If the customer does not send a cancellation request within this period before the renewal date of his or her subscription, he or she shall be deemed to have accepted the new fee for the service.

Protection of personal data

  • Coorpacademy will process users’ personal data in accordance with its privacy policy which is available on the Coorpacademy Team website (www.team.coorpacademy.com).


  • Coorpacademy is authorised to use the Client’s logo in its marketing and communication materials (newsletter, social networks etc.)
  • Coorpacademy is authorised to communicate by e-mail with the client users within the framework of the platform animation campaign.

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